Entrepreneurs today are building businesses where they simplify and automate tasks to allow creators to spend more time on generating profits. OpenTable revolutionized the way patrons’ book reservations in restaurants, and now online booking software companies in the beauty industry are vying to be the OpenTable of the beauty industry.

In today’s times, many clients prefer to book appointments outside of business hours. They also want to read online reviews before making decisions and to see photos or videos of previous work before deciding on a service. In other words, they are evolving, and beauty businesses need to evolve too if they want to remain competitive.


Increase Your Client Base With EEVOY

EEVOY is a social beauty and barber service appointment booking platform that allow clients to schedule appointments 24/7 via the mobile app. The online portal offers businesses valuable exposure to clients nationwide.


Signing up is simple

All beauty and barber businesses and independent beauty professionals can sign up for a free six-month trial period.  Grow your business with the features offered, and it’s easy to join through the user-friendly web portal. Beauty and barber professionals can sign up and register as a business. For professionals who are work independently, create a business name and enter information to register as a business.

Once you’ve created an account and enter all your business information, all data feeds automatically to your business profile on EEVOY’s social appointment booking app.

Your employees are invited to download the app via email after you’ve entered their name and email under the “Employees” section of the web portal. If you’re an independent contractor, you can invite yourself to download the app via email after you enter yourself as an employee. After the app is downloaded, employees’ profiles appear as a service provider and are tagged to the business.


Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 appointment booking with real-time calendar information
  • Verified reviews from customers
  • Access client notes and appointments
  • Clients receive automatic reminders, notifications, and confirmations of upcoming appointments to avoid no-shows
  • Get discovered by new clients via social and location feature
  • Manage your appointments from the online portal anytime, anywhere
  • Share videos and images of your work with followers
  • Receive free marketing when your customers tag and share images or videos of service received with their followers


Scheduling an appointment

The app gives customers the convenience of being able to schedule their appointments on the go from their mobile devices or tablet. Beauty and barber professionals get notified for every appointment scheduled and appointment syncs to the business calendar in real-time.


Canceling an appointment

With the scheduling app, customers can confirm and communicate with a beauty service provider if rescheduling is necessary. They can use the app to cancel their appointments before the non-cancellation window set by businesses and independent contractors or call to reschedule to avoid being flagged as a “no-show”.  If a customer gets flagged three times, they can use the social feature of the app but can no longer book appointments through the app.


Protection against false reviews

All reviews are verified.  Customers are only allowed to leave reviews after completion of services, and these reviews are expected to be honest and professional.


Canceling a subscription

Businesses can cancel their monthly subscription at any time via the web portal with no penalty and no questions asked.



EEVOY offers beauty and barber professionals a six-month free trial with the option to cancel at any time which means service providers can satisfy the curiosity without taking any risks. Clients today are conditioned to expect convenience and excellent service. Signing up with a beauty service booking appointment platform, such as EEVOY, provides them with a way to schedule appointments 24/7 and much more.

Companies like these are aimed at bringing about a new way of operating for creative businesses that can take them to the next level. Simply keeping a business confined to Facebook posting is not enough. This only reaches a limited audience. The advanced software offers the opportunity to automate the business and customer experience in ways that were never possible before.

Increase your bottom line. Sign up for a free trial today.