“The Biz Side”

Are you using EEVOY as a Beauty Service Provider? Here is everything you need to know!

First, create a new account on our website. Ready? Click here to get started.

Be sure you are registering as a Business. (NOTE: Independent contractors will also register as a business. You will create a business name for yourself and enter all information needed to register as a business.)

Log into the account you created.

Using the online portal, enter your business information including: location, hours of operation, services offered, employees, price sheet, and appointment length for each service. All information will automatically feed into your business profile on the app.

Browse your calendar feature on your online portal to manage and view upcoming and past appointments. Your employees will be able to view upcoming and past appointments through the app.

Ready to get paid? Note that ALL payments are handled between the client and business. The app does not accept any forms of payment.

We protect you! All “no-show” customers are automatically ‘flagged’ by the app. After 3 “overall” flags, those customers can still browse the app but can no longer experience the ease of booking your amazing services through EEVOY.

Your first six months is on us! All businesses will enjoy a free 6-month trial period. After the trial period ends, a monthly subscription fee applies to continue conveniently accepting appointments through the EEVOY app.

“Through the Eyes of the Employee”

Are you using EEVOY as an Employee? We make it easy!

Let’s get started! You will be invited to download the app via email after the business your work for is registered through our online portal. (NOTE: Independent contractors will invite themselves to download the app via email after registering as a business.)

Download the app. Your profile will appear as service provider, and you will be tagged to your business.

Your profile will display your name (first name and last initial), a link to the business your work for, uploaded pictures and videos, and reviews of your work from customers. You’re all set!

“A Customer’s Bird’s-eye View”

Are you using EEVOY as a Customer? Here’s the scoop!

Let’s talk free! First, download the FREE app, and create a new account on your mobile device.

Get busy! Use the EEVOY app to browse by service, scan your newsfeed, and view past and upcoming appointment details.

Your profile page will include your first name and last initial, as well as all the fabulous pictures and videos you have uploaded of services you received from businesses on the EEVOY platform.

Follow other users! That’s right. You can communicate, share tips, give advice, and view the latest posts of any fellow EEVOY user through your newsfeed. We’re a beauty secret sharing community – so share away!

Be respectful! Please note that missing appointments without on time prior cancellation will result in your account being “flagged.” After 3 flags, you will no longer be able to enjoy the luxurious convenience of booking appointments with EEVOY – and we don’t want that! So, please check each business profile for cancellation policy.