Questions are welcome in our beauty-savvy community. So, please browse our most frequently asked questions, or contact us for more info.

I’m a professional beauty service provider. How do I sign up?

We’d LOVE to have you! Please visit our How It Works Page for step-by-step instructions to becoming a part of our amazing on-trend beauty community. Signing up your business through our online portal is simple, fast, and well, if we must say so ourselves, just plain beautiful!

I’m a customer seeking amazing beauty services. How do I sign up?

Welcome to EEVOY! We’re excited to help you enhance your beauty experience through an unparalleled community of beauty-savvy users just like yourself. Please visit our How It Works Page for a direct link to download our App, and start browsing, booking, and beautifying today!

I’m super busy! How long does it take to sign up?

Are you a service provider? Awesome! Signing up your premier business can take as little as 15 minutes via user-friendly web portal. Simply click here to be directed to our online portal. If you’re a customer seeking the ultimate beauty experience, signing up takes less than 5 minutes via the App. Click here to download our App.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription if EEVOY isn’t for me?

Of course! Our community is all about working for your business. As a service provider, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time via the web portal with no penalty, no questions asked, and no regrets!

How do I cancel my appointment?

Sometimes life gets in the way – we get it! Customers can easily cancel their appointments using our App, 24/7. But please note: some service providers have cancellation policies that may range from 24 to 72 hours. Be sure to cancel your appointments based on the individual business’s parameters to avoid getting flagged as a “no-show.” Three flags will result in a loss of your ability to book ease-free appointments through our App.

How do I make a payment for services?

It’s simple – at the salon as usual. There’s no pre-payment here! Payments are not processed through our app. Be sure to read up on each salon’s rules to for credit card usage versus cash only payments.

How does EEVOY protect my businesses against false reviews?

We protect our clients! All reviews are verified for the safety and health of our beauty community – both services providers and customers. Customers are only allowed to leave reviews after completion of services, and we ask that all reviews remain honest and professional in order to preserve the integrity of our platform. Photos and videos can also be shared within the community; however, all photos and videos will have watermarks.

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