1. How to Choose the Right Beauty Booking App

    Beauty booking apps are rapidly rising. For hair, barber, and beauty service providers, they provide a greater reach to clients. For clients, they streamline the booking part, and allow for online social engagement like photo sharing and commenting. As a beauty service provider, how do you determine…Read More

  2. 6 Business Goals to Set for the New Year

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  3. How to Expand Your Personal Brand as a Beauty Service Provider

    You likely spend a great deal of time helping your clients, but what about yourself? In today’s digitally-driven age, having a personal brand is key for staying competitive and connecting with past, present, and future clients. The following are ideas for amplifying your personal brand.   Est…Read More

  4. How to Create a Great Ambiance for Your Clients

    A good ambiance sets the tone of your business and your client’s experience. You want your clients to feel like they can escape the chaos of their daily lives, relax, and have a peaceful and pleasant experience. Here are some ideas for creating a great ambiance for your clients. Immaculate cleanli…Read More

  5. 5 Networking Tips for Beauty Service Providers

    As a beauty service provider, you likely want more clients, contacts, knowledge, and revenue. Networking is a way to gain all of those things. While websites, apps, and social media go a long way, in-person networking is one of the best ways to gain more exposure for your business and connect with o…Read More

  6. How to Stay Sane (and Profitable!) During a Busy Holiday Season

    Whether there are parties, travel, or visitors, the holiday season usually brings a flood of activity for your clients and you. While busy times are usually good for business, it can bring a good deal of stress. Here are some tips on how to stay sane and keep your business booming during the holida…Read More

  7. 5 Tips for Training Technophobic Clients

    Technology has changed the beauty service industry for the better, but some of your clients might not be up to speed. Many may be used to the usual methods of working with beauty service providers, like waiting on the phone and penciling appointment details in with planners. However, technology can …Read More

  8. How Your Business Can Make the Most of Social Media

    The great thing about putting your business on social media is that it is like a 24-7 brand representative. It communicates with clients and prospects even when you’re not working, and provides a platform for engagement that is unparalleled. However, just because social media is ubiquitous and eas…Read More

  9. 8 Tips for Small Talk during Beauty Services

    From the second your clients meet you, you need to provide them with an amazing experience. One of the reasons why you work in beauty services is (hopefully) because you enjoy connecting with people. Maintaining that connection throughout your client’s experience is essential. Small talk may be pl…Read More