The great thing about putting your business on social media is that it is like a 24-7 brand representative. It communicates with clients and prospects even when you’re not working, and provides a platform for engagement that is unparalleled. However, just because social media is ubiquitous and easily accessible doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require strategy. Read on to learn how your business can make the most out of social media.


Get on the best platforms.

  • 60% of people say they learn about products or services via Instagram. Instagram is powerful because of its massive customer reach, and the fact that it’s comprised of visual content that is usually more engaging than text content. Videos and Instagram Stories can also be used to capture store experiences, spotlight employees and customers, or showcase product discounts. Using hashtags will allow your image to be indexed and shown to the broader Instagram world.
  • Facebook has over 1.32 billion daily users. It is a useful outlet to advertise coupons, contests, and giveaways. Pictures foster 120% more engagement than text-only posts. Customers can also share photos and posts with their current personal networks. Facebook can also show customer reviews.
  • Snapchat tends to attract a younger audience aged 18 to 34. Clearly, visual content is a must. Like Instagram stories, Snapchat can show quick clips of a service being performed or a coupon.
  • Twitter isn’t going away anytime soon. It can allow you to promote deals, engage with customers, and share industry content.


Make sure your brand tells a cohesive story.

Decide what your brand’s social media aesthetic and narrative is going to be. For example, European Wax Center appears to use images of beautiful women and beauty products to tell their brand story. If you’re using Instagram, take before-and-after photos of clients to show transformations and what you as a service provider are capable of. If you want your salon to convey warmth and friendliness, take pictures of your staff smiling and chatting with each other.


Advertise promotions and giveaways.

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of social media for barbershops and beauty service providers. You can display pictures of coupons or use Facebook statuses or Tweets to promote discount codes. For Facebook, you can offer deals to Facebook Fans of your page, like offering a 10% discount off their first service. It will incentivize them to engage with your brand and hopefully compel them to visit you. Instagram contests have also become popular.


Help your customers book appointments with a social booking app like EEVOY.

Customers are increasingly relying on online booking for their service appointments instead of calling a business and waiting on the phone line. Provide links on your social media channels as pathways for them to book online appointments. Platforms like EEVOY streamline the customer experience from beginning to end. Its location finding capabilities will help customers find beauty shops that offer a service they seek. It provides photo sharing options for pictures and videos, and has a built-in watermark for all videos and pictures so no user steals another user’s picture or video and claim it as their work. The appointment booking software sends out reminders to customers to avoid no-shows, allows them to book any time of the day, and syncs to business calendars in real-time. After the appointment, it will allow them to leave verified reviews. EEVOY will even discourage “no-show” clients by flagging them as no-shows, and they can no longer book appointments through EEVOY after three no-shows.


Engage with your customers.

Social media is an excellent way to engage with your customers, as it’s inexpensive, quick, and painless for customers and providers alike to ‘chat’ with each other. Additionally, reviews are critical for beauty and barber businesses, largely because they are people-driven business, and everyone needs a beauty or hair service at some point. Providing easy ways to read reviews about your business will help your customers make informed decisions, and hopefully generate business for you.


Use feedback constructively.

Since beauty and barber services are personal, social media will make access to customer feedback easy for customers and providers. Positive feedback will boost morale and keep your business’s momentum going. Critical reviews will alert you to any problems or deficiencies, and can even allow you to apologize or explain yourself to the customer and offer them a free or discounted service to appeal to them. Use both positive and negative feedback to provide experiences that exceed customers’ expectations.


Acquire new customers through old customers.

Social media helps your customers evangelize your brand to their network. Sharing photos is an easy way to provide exposure. This will encourage new customers to buy into your services.

Overall, social media is a terrific way to gain exposure for your business and services. The key is to use it strategically and make engagement easy.