Whether there are parties, travel, or visitors, the holiday season usually brings a flood of activity for your clients and you. While busy times are usually good for business, it can bring a good deal of stress. Here are some tips on how to stay sane and keep your business booming during the holiday season.


Remember that it’s good to be busy.

The holiday season could mean extra client bookings, end-of-the-year accounting and planning, and juggling the holiday schedules of your staff and yourself. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, remember that business isn’t typically this frantic. Your clients could have work and personal parties to attend, vacations they’re taking, or family gatherings. Look at this as a chance to make the most of your business earning potential, whether it’s through extra bookings or your clients being generous with gratuities. As the saying goes, “Strike when the iron’s hot”.


Make bookings as easy as possible.

Turning to technology and using a social booking app will save you and your clients a great deal of time and trouble. EEVOY is an app that specifically streamlines the booking process for beauty service providers and clients. Clients can easily book a time for their service at any time they want, and the app will sync their appointment details to your calendar. EEVOY will send clients reminders of their upcoming appointments so it reduces the number of no-shows on your business calendar. This way your business stays profitable and protected during these busy times.


Offer discounts and promotions.

Incentivize and delight your customers by offering holiday discounts. Provide gift certificates they can use for themselves or their loved ones. You can offer promotions like buy-one-get-one-free services, or display holiday-themed products and offer discounts on those as well.


Plan ahead as much as possible.

If you work with a team, ask them to schedule their availability and coordinate with other staff members as early as possible. Also consider having certain staff on standby if people can’t make their shifts. If you’re an independent beauty professional, decide how many appointments you can realistically take on in a day or week. You can also offer more flexibility to clients by being available at times when other providers or businesses aren’t available.


Prioritize your personal wellness as much as you can.

You’re in a people-oriented profession where you perform services to delight customers.If you burn out, you won’t be doing your clients, your business, or yourself any favors. Poorly performed services could lead to dissatisfied customers, unhappy reviews, and threats to revenue. Take care of yourself by going to bed at a specific time for sufficient sleep and drinking plenty of water. Try meal-prepping your meals for the week so you aren’t running low on fumes and relying on fast food for hunger fixes. Continually wash your hands, use gloves, and wear a face mask if necessary to stave off flu season. Try squeezing in walks, gym visits, or meditation to center yourself.


Show off your best work.

The holidays are when your clients probably want to look their best, so it’s time to really make use of your creativity and put your work on display. EEVOY allows you to easily take, upload, and share photos or short videos. Your clients can show off their new ‘do or beauty look that you gave to their friends and the rest of the EEVOY community. Make the most of photo sharing on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. This will incentivize prospective clients to see your work.


Send thank-you cards.

A personal touch will go a long way, so send your clients holiday cards wishing them season greetings or a happy holiday season. Slip in coupons for discounts or services. After all, whether they’re frequent visitors or you haven’t seen them in ages, you want to keep up relationships with all your clients.