You likely spend a great deal of time helping your clients, but what about yourself? In today’s digitally-driven age, having a personal brand is key for staying competitive and connecting with past, present, and future clients. The following are ideas for amplifying your personal brand.


Establish what makes you as a service provider special and different, and communicate it clearly and consistently.

Having a clear point of differentiation will make you memorable to clients and stand out in the marketplace. What do you as a beauty service provider uniquely offer? For example, you could be a stylist that specializes in working with natural hair. Maybe you’re a standout wedding makeup artist, or you used to work for a major well-known salon. Make sure your points of differentiation are communicated clearly and consistently on your external-facing communications, whether it’s your website, business cards, or social media handles.


Leverage social booking apps for exposure and engagement.

An app like EEVOY is highly useful for beauty service providers because it provides necessary exposure for your business. EEVOY provides a free 6-month trial for beauty service providers. Simply visit the EEVOY site to register your business online and the select the services you provide. Build out your business profile with descriptions, hours, services, and prices.

After registration, sign in on the app with your business account and start posting photos. Visuals are obviously key to attracting attention in beauty services, and clients will be able to see what you can do. EEVOY lets you upload or take photos, as well as videos of your work. This will incentivize clients to book appointments with you on the spot with the app. With EEVOY, your photos and videos will be watermarked with your username, so others can find and share them and discover you. Users of the app can also comment and like your posts. Additionally, you can start following other users like friends, industry peers, and people you like. This fosters community and engagement, and are key activities to expanding your personal brand’s reach.


Encourage client reviews.

Good online reviews are key to attracting and retaining clients. EEVOY will publish verified reviews from clients after completion of services. When your clients are delighted, they’ll can leave great reviews and you can thank them. They can post photos of your wonderful work, and that can draw in new clients.


Build up your social media presence.

Like with a social booking app such as EEVOY, photos are key to expanding your personal brand. Maybe you’re the stylist in your salon that gives edgy haircuts or beautiful braids. Show these off on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. Post some before-and-after photos so people can see the transformations you perform on your clients.


Show off your personality.

Whether it’s through EEVOY or social media, digital channels can also help you show off aspects of your personality as well. You could be a stylist who loves to joke with clients, so you can show photos of you laughing with a client. Perhaps you love flowers and have them all over your office, or you hosted a free beauty workshop at your business. Maybe you specialize in edgy makeup looks, and the photos and designs on your website communicate that. Identifying and communicating a distinct brand personality will humanize your brand, make it memorable, and make people want to connect with you more.


Keep it consistent.

Be consistent with your brand-building efforts. Post photos and content on a regular basis to keep up exposure and engagement. Keep the messaging and photos on your website and social channels consistent. For example, if you specialize in doing wedding makeup, you might not want to show rock-concert looks. Build genuine communication and relationships with your clients, and provide services that are solutions to their ongoing needs.