A good ambiance sets the tone of your business and your client’s experience. You want your clients to feel like they can escape the chaos of their daily lives, relax, and have a peaceful and pleasant experience. Here are some ideas for creating a great ambiance for your clients.

Immaculate cleanliness is of the utmost importance.

This may seem obvious but it’s important to reinforce. Your business has to pass certain health and sanitation standards, but also has to be a pleasant and hygienic environment for both staff and visitors alike. Even something like a messy desk can give off a poor impression to clients. Keeping files organized, sweeping up hair whenever possible, and washing your tools frequently are important to health and sanitation.


Greet clients pleasantly upon arrival.

Try not to make a client wait for too long without being greeted or attended to, otherwise they’ll feel overlooked. Use their name for a personal touch. If you hire an assistant or receptionist, make sure they have the soft skills to make clients feel comfortable and accommodated. Offer them something to drink like tea or water. Make sure there’s a waiting area with magazines and style books for those waiting to flip through. Try a variety of magazines ranging from Time to Vogue. If you’re able to install a TV near the waiting area, it’s an even better distraction.


Make sure the space is aesthetically pleasing.

Adding fresh or fake flowers and plants can liven your space up, as will some colorful art, photography, and ads. You can even display some art from customers if you want. Display any products you might be selling in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way near the check out counter. Have good lighting, either bright or low for a soothing experience. Consider scented candles, room fragrances and oils, and playing music appropriate to the atmosphere you want to set for your business. If you work in a busy hair salon, top 40 or radio music should be fine (ask your customers what they prefer). If you offer more cosmetic or makeup services, soft soothing music or white noise machines may be best.


Guarantee space and privacy, especially for more intimate treatments.

Perform more personal treatments like waxing or facials in private areas and rooms to guarantee that your clients feel safe and relaxed. This could be another room where you can play white noise music to block outside noise and relax your clients.


Ensure a comfortable temperature.

Forcing your client to tolerate an undesirable temperature can ruin their experience. For a salon, room temperature should be fine. For businesses offering cosmetic and spa services, try for a temperature that’s a few degrees warmer because your clients may have to wear robes or less clothing. Also make sure there are no uncomfortable drafts like an open window or air conditioner blowing in their face that will make your clients suffer. Sometimes clients will be reluctant to tell you that they’re too hot or cold and will simply not come back to your business. Ask them if the room is a comfortable temperature, and pay attention when they tell you the room is too hot or too cold.


Add personal touches.

When a client is booking or filling out a new client form, ask them what their favorite type of pet is or what their favorite flower is. It could be a conversation piece. Hang satin or silk fabrics in waiting and service areas as wall hangings, curtains, or doors to show luxury. Consider having high-end mints or small chocolates in the waiting or reception areas, and offer a free product sample if possible.


Make sure all staff are friendly and presentable.

Continually reinforce the importance of having a pleasant and professional demeanor to your staff. It’s fine to joke around with other colleagues but just remember your clients are taking in every word. Making clients feel comfortable, special, and valued will definitely help you see them again.