Beauty booking apps are rapidly rising. For hair, barber, and beauty service providers, they provide a greater reach to clients. For clients, they streamline the booking part, and allow for online social engagement like photo sharing and commenting.

As a beauty service provider, how do you determine the best one to list your business on? Here are some criteria to look for.


Make sure it’s easy to find, download, and register.

It’s good to find an app that is available on the App Store and free to download. It’s even better if using the app is freemium or relatively inexpensive. An app like EEVOY is free for customers to use and gives online service providers a six-month free trial so they can get good mileage out of it. When you register online, enter details of business such as location, hours of operations, services and prices. If you’re a travel beauty freelancer, enter the address that is close to the address where you want clients to find you, not your home address. The registration process is quick and easy.


The app should deliver a superior user experience.

Find a beauty booking app that is painless and easy to use. The app should have responsive capabilities so that it’s easy to read and work with on a mobile device. The app should be navigable with a minimalist interface, clear font, form fields, and pictures. If you have questions, there should be an easy way to find the answer or contact customer service. EEVOY is the first of its kind to offer a platform specifically for beauty professionals and customers to connect, build relationships all while booking beauty services through the app. A user-friendly app with a clean interface, users can contact EEVOY via email or phone regarding any inquiries.


The app should allow you to be transparent with customers.

The beauty booking app should be able to let you add your business’s location, a description of the business, and contact information. Other important things you should add are your business hours and your unique service specialty; for example, braiding or nail services. It’s even better if you have employees and you can list their names and the unique services they provide.


Booking should be a breeze for clients.

Clients should find the beauty booking app comprehensive and self-explanatory. It’s best if they can easily select a time and service without difficulty or having to call you to schedule an appointment. An app should also send clients a confirmation a day or two (depending on your cancellation policy) before the appointment to reduce the number of no-shows on your calendar.


The app should have features that protect you, the service provider.

Missed services and problem clients come up, and the app should help you identify and alleviate these problems. For example, no-show clients are a perpetual dilemma for beauty service providers, so it’s helpful if you can identify a client that consistently have no-shows. An app like EEVOY helps you flag a no-show client, and after they no-show three times, they can no longer book services with your business on the app. This prevents lost time and revenue for your business.


Photo sharing should be easy.

Photo sharing is key to your business digital presence, since it’s a way to really show off your capabilities as a practitioner. If you’re able to deliver an amazing haircut or creative nail designs, uploading and sharing photos is the best way to let others know what you can do. EEVOY offers beauty service provider and clients the capabilities to share photos and videos with their followers which attracts news clients to your business. Clients share photos and videos with their own social networks, comment on beauty photos and videos, and can tag you as the provider only after they’ve been your customer.


Customers should be able to leave verified reviews.

Customer reviews are critical testimonials of what they did or didn’t enjoy about your services. This feedback is vital for prospective customers, and it also makes you aware of what you did right and where there are areas for improvement. If you have staff, you can also discuss this with them. Verified reviews adds credibility to you as a brand as well as your business. It also builds trust with your current and potential customers.