Since the New Year is coming, it’s time to make some business New Year’s resolutions. While it seems like everything is a priority, one of the best ways to accomplish your business goals is to clearly identify the most important ones and devise actionable strategies to meet them.


Get more clients.

This is obviously a universal need for beauty service providers. Making bookings easy will be a powerful tool when acquiring new clients, and a social booking app like EEVOY is a convenient tool for doing so. As a provider, you’re entitled to a six-month free trial when you register online. After registration, you can build up your business profile by posting photos and videos of your work. Clients can discover  your business on the app and book an appointment. They’ll get automatic reminders of their upcoming appointments to reduce the chance of no-shows.

EEVOY also allows clients to leave verified reviews and share photos and videos of your great work. You as the provider can also easily share photos and videos, and they will be watermarked with your username so other users can trace photos and videos back to you. Online booking is a powerful yet painless way to get more customers.


Staff up or making staffing changes.

Feeling overwhelmed? Consider how much adding another person to your team could benefit your business bottom line. It could be another service provider or an office manager to work with customers. Hiring an admin person, for instance, can help free up your time to devote to keeping your clients happy instead of spending time on things like paperwork or bookkeeping.

Of course, an impending New Year means that it’s time to evaluate the staff you already have. Award promotions and evaluate who isn’t performing as well. Additionally, consider having more employee-focused events, like lunches, outings, or parties just for employees. This will boost morale and make your business an enjoyable place to work for all employees.


Ensure high-quality work.

Providing high quality work is what will retain your clients and give your business a good reputation. If you have employees, consider sending them to trainings, seminars, or classes to help them improve their skills. If you’re a beauty freelancer, treat yourself to some training seminars. Delivering quality work in a pleasant and professional manner will make your business stand out.


Stop no-shows.

Reducing the number of no-shows should be a major goal for your business in the upcoming New Year. It’s a waste of time for the provider and a drain on overall revenue. EEVOY’s automated reminders of upcoming appointments can go a long way in stopping no-shows, but if a client does miss the appointment without warning, EEVOY lets you flag the client as a “no-show.” After the client is flagged as a no-shows three times, EEVOY no longer allows them to book your services on the app. They can still be a customer, but you can treat them like a walk-in. This no-show capability helps to protect you, the beauty service provider.


Ramp up your web presence.

Make your website user-friendly and engaging. Add photos and videos of your work and life at your company. Maximize social media by consistently sharing content and adding hashtags when necessary.  Instagram and Facebook are particularly powerful outlets for sharing and providing exposure to your business. Add client testimonials on your website for evidence of your skills. Your website can also benefit from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by adding appropriate keywords and providing valuable content. Consider working with a website consultant for expertise assistance.


Offer new incentives, discounts, and promotions.

Offer discounts for the New Year, and consider implementing new promotion strategies. For example, first-time clients can get 20% off of a service, or you can offer free services on a client’s birthday. Gift cards are also useful for clients to receive or give as gifts.