Like every beauty professional, you would want to gain loyal customers and get more appointments scheduled on your calendar to increase your revenue. Here are some ways to expand your client base and ensure you have a fully booked calendar.


Each client likes to feel valued. Listen to the challenges they face with their hair, show that you understand and can deliver what they want. One of the best ways to grow your business is having satisfied clients because they are like a walking advertisement.

A consultation with a client sets you up for a successful hair appointment. You can ask about their hair history, what colors they have used in the past, whether they’re looking for a change and much more. Once you’ve listened carefully, it’s time to make suggestions, such as explaining how certain requests may not work for them due to their face shape, maintenance or current hair condition. You can then make alternative suggestions to achieve a similar result.

Consultation ensures that clients can share their expectations with the stylists. This gives the stylist an opportunity to discuss future appointments.  This is the only way by which the stylist gets a clarity about the client’s hair. Using EEVOY’s appointment booking platform makes scheduling appointments very easy.

Invest in your relationship with clients

What works much better than incentives or filling your chair with clients at less than you would normally charge, is to invest in your relationship with your clients. Find out what matters to them, help them with their hair-related problems and remember specific things they like to talk about. Remember that they’ve taken an overseas trip, for instance, and ask them about it at the next appointment.

If you keep listening to them carefully and giving them what they want, clients will keep coming back. What can differentiate you from others is this ability to make them feel special and that they can trust what you suggest. If you can do this, they’re likely to stick to your side.

Clients usually prefer honesty and good communication is key. You can even turn a bad client into a good client by being firm but polite. They will develop respect for you if you are professional but friendly. Win over a ‘bad’ client, and you may end up with someone who is very loyal.

Familiarize your clients with online booking

It’s good to let your clients know that your appointment calendar is filling up quickly. While they are planning to leave, you may ask them whether they’d like to schedule their next appointment. Your clients will respond if you make them feel like a priority and you can give them the exact time they want.

Show them how to schedule a hair appointment through the EEVOY app. This offers them the convenience of being able to check availability and book an appointment at a time that works best for them.  It also helps you to avoid all those last-minute calls. With EEVOY’s social scheduling app, your clients can book appointments in real-time and 24/7 based on your availability. According to Smart Insights, apps account for 89% of mobile media time, while the remaining 11% accounts for time spent on websites.

Getting discovered through the EEVOY app converts to greater traffic to your business profile page and increase in your client base. Online Bookings are highly productive for a growing business as it can help stylists to get customers without any hassle. The online application of EEVOY comes with a unique feature of sending automatic reminders. These automated notifications are sent to the client’s phone so that they do not miss their appointments.

Get “verified” reviews from your clients 

Reviews play a great role in generating potential or new clients for a stylist. By writing a review, clients help to spread a message about an outstanding job done by the stylist. The client can do so by uploading engaging videos and photos. EEVOY, unlike other applications, has a unique feature of allowing only verified reviews. This way you as a potential client can be sure of the credibility of the work because every review is written when by an actual customer that sat in your chair. The verified review feature adds credibility to your work and business.


Get social with EEVOY

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends above all other forms of advertising. When family, friends, and clients share your work with those they know, it means more clients for you. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to advertise your business without paying for ads or featured space. In such a case, social media comes in to play. In the beauty industry, your career and services are centered around visualization, so it will only be natural to display your work for others to see. EEVOY makes the best use of its social feature by allowing both beauty professionals and customers to receive and share photos and videos. Beauty professionals can share essential tips, photos, videos or insights by answering inquiries from users on the EEVOY platform. Being consistent with posting content, building new relationships and to utilizing the brand you’ve created are ways to add credibility to your business.