Technology has changed the beauty service industry for the better, but some of your clients might not be up to speed. Many may be used to the usual methods of working with beauty service providers, like waiting on the phone and penciling appointment details in with planners. However, technology can streamline and dramatically improve the process, and it’s important to help your clients realize it.


How to Help Technophobic Clients

Inform your clients that using an app can help them book an appointment in a minute or two instead of waiting on the phone or leaving voicemails. Here is how to get them acclimated:


Recommend a free social booking app (like EEVOY) and walk them through using the app from beginning to end.

Try to find a minute after your appointment to show them a quick demonstration. Even though some of your clients may be tech-averse, most will hopefully have smartphones. Start by showing them how to find the EEVOY app on their App Store, and download it in seconds. If they don’t want you to commandeer their phone, show them the app on your own phone.

Explain to them how an app like EEVOY is specifically for booking barber, hair, and beauty services. They can easily search for and find your business on the app in seconds, and select an appointment time convenient with their schedule. This allows them to skip calling for an appointment, and enables them to book the appointment they want at any time of the day rather than just business hours.  EEVOY will send appointment reminders notification to customers phones. This will make them aware of upcoming appointments so that they don’t miss them and deal with cancellation issues.


Show them how they can have fun with the app.

There is a good chance that even technophobic clients will be familiar with social media and photo-sharing. An app like EEVOY allows users to follow one another, share videos and photos, like, and comment on others’ posts. This way clients can engage with their friends and other members of the EEVOY community. For example, if you’re a hair stylist who gave them a great new look, they can post a picture of their new hairstyle and share it with their followers. It can encourage their followers to book you for a service and help you gain new business. Users can also scan through their news feed to discover the latest beauty trends. Overall, it’s another way for them to connect with friends and feel like they’re part of a community.


Post instructional content on Your website and social media profiles.

One of the best ways to help clients learn about booking services online is to provide relevant instructional content on your business website or social media profiles and feeds. It can be a one-minute long video, or a helpful blog post. Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat are easy outlets for posting video clips. Having an “FAQ” section on your website can also help answer questions they may have, as well as sending insightful emails.


Encourage online booking whenever you can.

If clients still prefer to call in, mention your online booking capabilities in phone communications and offer to guide them on the phone about how to use it. Also, mention your online booking platform in your business’s voicemail. Include your booking link in all communications with your client, whether it’s emails, flyers, advertisements, or business cards. Publish the link in social media posts, and make sure it’s in the ‘bio’ section of your social media handles. If you have staff, make sure they’re fully aware of how to use an app like EEVOY and communicate its capabilities to clients. If clients still insist on calling, it is okay. The EEVOY platform allows you to modify or enter appointments for walk-ins or clients that book an appointment over the phone.


Be patient and non-judgmental.

Remember, some clients may feel overwhelmed by app culture and technology. Demonstrating using an app like EEVOY will take about a minute. Emphasize how it can save them a lot of time and trouble, and all they have to do to find an appointment is click a button. Your clients will feel grateful for your patience, and your willingness to help them with finding and booking hair or beauty services.