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Book appointments and connect with beauty-savvy professionals and customers today!

booking services for hair salons & barbershops

salons & barbers

Want that trendy new style? Get it. Need a great new stylist? Find it. Found the perfect updo? Rate it. Take the guesswork out of salon services with EEVOY. Providing digital access to an extensive network of the country’s finest beauty stylists, the EEVOY app lets you instantly find the pros that specialize in the service you need and book an appointment. From blowouts to balayage, your appointment is just one click away. Follow friends, view videos and images or read their reviews to learn from their recent experiences and instantly discover which expert salon and stylist delivered the stunning results.

Boost your business by connecting directly with potential customers and their network of friends and families by adding your professional profile to EEVOY. Discover the professional benefits of being social with the EEVOY app.

Follow friends, learn from their recent experiences and instantly discover what expert salon delivered the stunning results on the App Store today.

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booking services for nails

nail salons

A true form of personal pampering, manicures and pedicures do more than make your nails femininely pretty; they protect and fortify your nails, keeping them healthy and strong. The secret to a great set of nails is finding a great manicurist. EEVOY users enjoy the luxury of finding expert nail technicians and booking appointments in their area with just a click of a button. With daily shares, posts, updates and ratings, the EEVOY app is revolutionizing the way people connect with personal care service providers. Regardless of where you are, you’ll be able to instantly discover your new manicurist.

Fill every appointment slot in your calendar by spreading the word about your expertise through EEVOY. Allowing you to connect and share updates and customer experiences with potential clients, the EEVOY app helps to build your business as well as manage your calendar.

Download the EEVOY app to instantly get started.

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booking services for makeup


Whether it’s simply time to get your brows reshaped or you are in need of special event makeup, you’ll easily find superior personal care with EEVOY. Gathering a network of the country’s best makeup artists, the EEVOY app makes selecting a professional and booking an appointment simple. EEVOY allows users to post, share, and rate pictures and videos of makeup, spreading the word about the salon or expert whose special touch created the pampering effect. If you like what you see, easily schedule an appointment with the same stylist.

Makeup artists are joining EEVOY, and instantly connecting with a public that is passionate about high-end makeup application. Allow EEVOY to publish your available appointment times and watch your calendar fill up with bookings. Find out how new connections on EEVOY can substantially help grow your personal care business now.

Download EEVOY to discover your new favorite makeup trend and who can do it.

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booking services anytime, anywhere

appointment booking

Forego the frustrating hassle of booking an appointment with your favorite stylist over the phone by utilizing EEVOY’s convenient appointment booking platform. Revolutionizing the beauty services industry, EEVOY allows you instant access to a bevy of beauty professionals who have been rated by a network of customers just like you. Try it now, for FREE!

Fill every appointment slot on your calendar by spreading the word and images that showcase your expertise through EEVOY social networking and appointment scheduling app. Allowing you to connect and share updates and customer experiences with potential clients, the EEVOY app helps to build your business, manage your calendar, and book appointments.

Download the EEVOY app to instantly get started.

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